Hardy Nutritionals Presents at Carrick Institute ‘Modern Clinical Applications’ Seminar

On April 22 – 24, 2016, Hardy Nutritionals® founder, David Hardy spoke to a highly-talented group of functional neurologists at a Carrick Institute Clinical Neuroscience and Rehabilitation seminar in Atlanta. Hardy discussed how micronutrient therapy can add significant value to Carrick-trained doctors’ already effective neurological treatments for traumatic brain injury (TBI), ADHD, Autism, and other brain-related injuries and disorders.

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Frederick Carrick, DC, PhD
Founder, Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies (Est 1984)

This seminar was a follow-up to the December 2015 International Symposium on Clinical Neuroscience which was hosted by the Carrick Institute for Graduate Studies and sponsored in part by Hardy Nutritionals®. At this conference, nutrition researcher Dr. Bonnie Kaplan and Harvard psychiatrist Dr. Charles Popper, both prominent speakers, presented on the powerful application of micronutrient therapy specifically in mood-related disorders.

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David Hardy, Founder, Hardy Nutritionals®

David Hardy comments, “I look forward to working more closely with Dr. Carrick and the many doctors that he has trained in functional neurology to research the effects of our micronutrient therapy on their patients. Frederick Carrick is truly a pioneer in his field. It’s a great honor to work with professionals like him who see the foundational application of essential vitamins and minerals in many areas of health.”

A particularly intriguing segment of Hardy’s presentation reviewed research conducted at the world-renowned Canadian Center for Behavioural Neuroscience on one of his micronutrient formulas. The specific series of studies conducted showed brain recovery in rats that had never been measured before by scientists.

Study Summary: Enhanced Brain Recovery From Specialized Micronutrient Treatment

Neuroscientists performed surgery on a group of young rats, removing either the entire frontal lobe of the brain or part of the parietal lobe. The researchers then fed one group of these rats Purina Rat Chow (considered to be an ideally fortified lab rat diet with 22 added vitamins and minerals) and another group the same base diet fortified with the more complete, specially-processed micronutrient formulation. Brain recovery was significantly enhanced in the micronutrient-fed rats. As the rats recovered, researchers observed that the micronutrient-fed rats showed significantly calmer behavior and dramatically improved cognitive function compared with Purina-fed rats. The brain cells of micronutrient rats were also more complexly-branched and better connected with neighboring cells than the brain cells of Purina-fed rats. The calmer behavior and enhanced cognitive function of micronutrient-treated rats are consistent with results documented by researchers around the world in many people with mood, anxiety, and behavioral disorders. The enhanced brain cell connectivity observed by researchers supports the use of micronutrient formulations for human brain recovery in conjunction with brain rehabilitation therapies.

Source: Factors influencing frontal cortex development and recovery from early frontal injury. Halliwell C, Comeau W, Gibb R, Frost DO, Kolb B. Developmental Neurorehabilitation. 2009;12(5):269-78.

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  • Arion Almeida

    My 8 year old son was diagnosed with ADHD since he was 5, however I knew since he was just a few months old..I have battled myself so much about using medications, as this is the only option given to me by his doctors. I feel pressure from his school to keep him medicated when really it has done nothing to improve his education.I’ve asked his doctor about vitamin supplements and for him to be tested for vitamin deficiencies only to get eye rolls. I have kept him off meds on weekends and vacation and tryed to keep him at the lowest dose available until recently, I took him off completely. I have tried to research vitamins that would benefit him, but am confused and frustrated with information overload..trying to find dosages and quality product is harder than I expected, not to mention the costs, especially through trial and error.Please,consider putting my son in your trials.He is extremely smart and has so much potential that I believe he can demonstrate the effectiveness of proper treatment through vitamin supplements and a good caring doctor.Please contact me if this is something you would consider. Thank you!

  • Tiffany Race

    Hi I am a mother of and 8 year old boy that has been battling not putting my son on prescription medication. When people first meet my son they instantly label him as being ADHD. I am a certified pharmacist technician and I know the side effects of prescription medications and adolescents. My son is a very smart boy and I would love for him to succeed to his fullest without all the labeling from others. Please can you help me and my son? He’s been on an all natural product for years that helps him to a degree. Thanks

  • Tiffany, we will email you a reply! Thank you for your interest!

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